Royal Armoury

‘Light Fever’ is a photographic project to create images inspired by the Royal Armoury national collection of artillery and the Victorian fabric of Fort Nelson itself. The Butterfly Fx as digital artists worked with young people from PASN. The project culminated in a photographic exhibition at Fort Nelson with a sound scape designed by Ben Claybon and featured the poem ‘The Voice of the Guns’ by Gilbert Frankau.
The images were created using light graffiti photographic techniques. Light Graffiti, or Light Art, uses long-exposure photography and movement of handheld lights.The young people were instrumental in creating and editing the images and sound scape for the exhibition. Please enjoy a selection of the images from the project that were created by the young people Andrew, Harley, Jack, Josh, Lucy, Luke, Pierre and Tom with the artists Lisa and John.
The project was shortlisted for an Association for Heritage Interpretation award ‘Interpretation for a target audience’. The AHI believes that interpretation enriches our lives through engaging emotions, enhancing experiences and deepening understanding of places, people, events and objects from the past and present. It aims to promote excellence in the practice and provision of interpretation and to gain wider recognition of interpretation as a professional activity.


Light Fever is part of the ARTSWORK Strong Voices programme. Strong Voices is a two-year national programme funded by the Department for Education through their Voluntary and Community Sector prospectus. The programme seeks to increase the numbers of the target group accessing the resources offered by England’s major partner Museums and National Portfolio Organisations. Young people taking part have had the opportunity to gain national accreditations.

Thank you to the Royal Armouries and staff at Fort Nelson for their work supporting the project and hosting the exhibition.

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