Chichester District Council

The Corporate Health and Safety department, of Chichester District Council, commissioned The Butterfly Fx to produce a training  video, as an aid for induction and as a refresher courses for refuse collectors working for Chichester Contract Services (CCS).

The brief was to convey the information concisely and in a style that would appeal to refuse collectors. Lisa Calder, the Creative Director of The Butterfly FX, mentored media graduate Scarlett Leigh. It was decided to deliver a video that was humourous, with a fun upbeat paced music and strong visuals that incorporated the beautiful surroundings of Chichester. This would maintain the attention of trainees whilst watching the video, so that they could absorp all the necessary information. The video starred three of the refuse workers that work at CCS.

We got up very early one morning to go on a recce with the team of refuse collectors on the Bosham route to show us the ropes. From the recce and the health and safety documents used for training we developed a script and storyboard. We then spent a day filming with the refuse team on their route and around Chichester.

Further filming was done on the depot  site using blue screen which was composited to create some of the scenes such as the ‘fashion show’ on the red carpet.