Grasslands Trust

The Hocombe Mead Nature Reserve

Sequence 01.Still001The Butterfly Fx was commissioned by the Grasslands Trust to make a video to celebrate the success of a two year project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project encouraged local people to discover the grassland area of Hocombe Mead in Eastleigh, Hampshire. The film shows the wonderful conservation and community work done by the  local volunteer group, The Friends of Hocombe Mead, that was  it set up as part of the project . The volunteers gained new friendships and skills from being involved in the project.  The reserve is an ancient woodland and  meadow species-rich in wildflowers.

 The two year project enabled individuals, families and organisations to become involved with conservation, volunteering and learning. Community events and practical volunteer days were held for everyone.

It enabled local people  to connect with their local grassland sites and other habitats to understand and learn about how they can be enjoyed and protected.


The Carmel National Nature ReserveSequence 01.Still005
A film made for the Grasslands Trust highlighting the beauty of the Carmel National Nature Reserve and the work done by BTCV volunteers to maintain one of the UK’s richest wildlife areas.The volunteers tell of their personal stories about how working at the Reserve has helped them overcome drug addiction and gain new skills.

The Carmel National Nature Reserve boasts 14 different habitats, which are home to some of our rarest plant and animal species and the only turlough (a seasonal lake) in mainland Britain. Adjoining the reserve are ancient meadows which date back to the ninth century and are described in the earliest documented reference to grassland management in UK history!

The Carmel National Nature Reserve is situated near Cross Hands in Carmathenshire, West Wales, and became a National Nature Reserve in 1999. Quarrying has taken place across this area since the mediaeval times and still continues today. This is the main reason for Grasslands Trust’s intervention  to restore areas of Carmel which have been badly affected by the impact of limestone quarrying over the years.



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