Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum

‘Beyond the Brickworks’ is a video project about the Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum, the last steam driven brickworks in the UK. Visual and sound elements from the video are used by the museum to interpret the heritage for visitors.


The video is comprised of the interviews of former employees, stop motion animation and live action scenes. The workers testimonies were an important element of this project. Their stories and knowledge gave a valuable insight into how the site used to work and brings the stories alive with an authentic voice. The live action scenes are drama reconstructions in the style of silent comedy. The live action and animation elements are based on real stories discovered from investigating the archive and the testimonies. The interviews and live action scenes were filmed on green screen and composited into photographs from the brickwork archive with digital special effects.

Local young people also worked on the project and were trained in interviewing techniques, video and sound recording. We held drama workshops with the young people and together developed the stories for the film. The stories are set in the Victorian era, as the machinery and production processes for the brickworks are rooted in that time period. The costumes were based on the archive photographs of how the workers dressed. The finished film ‘Beyond the Brickworks’ was screened in a red carpet event at the Berry Theatre near Southampton, Hampshire.
The titles from the film were made using the 2.5D technique in Adobe After Effects and comprised of archive photographs, CGI graphics, and live action video from the project. They were colour corrected with a sepia tone to match the Victorian theme of the project.